What am I paying for?

By hiring Sykora Design, you are securing the services of a dedicated, creative company that has spent many years of study and practice in designing unique custom homes and remodels. You are paying for the years of work and experience it takes to listen to your wishes and produce a home that you will delight to live in for years to come. Building a home is a massive investment, and it’s worth hiring an excellent designer to make sure you end up with a timelessly beautiful and unique home. Well designed homes both hold their resale value and last longer.

What does Sykora Home Design charge for a full design package?

Most new custom home design packages are in the range of 3–4% of your construction budget. Designs for larger, more complex homes may cost more due to the bigger scope of work. If you need more information on design cost, please contact us for a detailed proposal customized for your project.

How long does it take to design a custom home?

Design time can vary widely, but a typical custom home will take 3–6 months to design. The schedule often depends on the client making timely decisions and getting third-party information such as surveys and professional reports.

Do you work with specific general contractors?

We work with a variety of local general contractors who are the best in their field. Over time, we’ve discovered quality builders who have demonstrated that they care about their clients, and who operate with honesty and integrity. If you already have a builder, we are happy to team up with them.

What is your availability?

Typically, we can start a new project within 4 weeks after you sign a Design Contract. Availability can vary; please contact us with questions.

Do you only do custom home design?

New custom home design is our primary focus. On occasion we also accept major remodel projects.

Can you do design work outside of your local area?

Yes; we are nationally certified. Please contact us directly for more information, since different jurisdictions have different requirements.

Do you coordinate the structural engineering?

Yes, we coordinate any required structural engineering you may need on your project. For the Puget Sound area, we have connections with local engineers. For projects outside of that area, we are happy to help you find an engineer that is local to your project.

Let's build!

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